January term 2025: Student & family resources

Note:  Content on this site is being updated for J-Term 2025.  Continue to check back as information will be added/updated.  

From its inception, NCSSM has attempted to provide significant opportunities for students to engage in unique educational experiences outside of the regular school curriculum. Along with such innovative programs as Mentorship and summer research grants, our annual January Term (or J-Term) is a means to provide new and exciting academic experiences for the entire student body beyond the traditional classroom context.

During J-Term, our students to select from a number of stimulating academic options including participating in a specialized course offered by NCSSM faculty only during J-Term or taking a course from the NCSSM Course Catalog that would not otherwise fit the student's schedule.  The goal is to support our students in a rigorous exploration of subject areas of great interest to them in a way that will contribute to their academic and personal growth and serve them well in their future academic endeavors.

J-Term 2025 Timeline